You can never satisfy a critic

Starting your day with the Brown Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

Harry Ven
2 min readFeb 22, 2022

You can never satisfy a critic. No matter what you do, a critic always has his viewpoints.

“That could have been done better” or “This still doesn’t look good” or

“You cannot do anything useful”

In a way, the critic is trying to complete a picture in his head. He is trying hard to meditate with your creations — your work, your book, your blog, your product. And when he’s unable to achieve zen through your work, he complains.

When you listen to him, he finds out that he has a purpose by complaining. When he realizes that there’s a value to showing all the cracks in the world, he decides to do this full time!

You can’t ignore a critic if you agree with him at some level. He’s constantly attempting to invade your mind. In a way, it’s the critic’s attempt, a deranged one at that, to be part of your creative process!

When you pursue an opportunity, you attract things that help you realize it. When you pursue criticism, you attract things that embolden it. By trying to prove a critic wrong, you are proving him right. You are proving that he’s needed in your world, to make the wrong things right.

The next time you hear a critic — in the outside world or in your inner self, remember,

it’s not your job to convince someone who can never be convinced.

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