No drive to act on your goals? Read this

You want to act on something, but there does not seem to be any energy. You always wanted to do it. You have the intent. You have the reasons. You know why you need to do it. You have the conviction. But there seems to be no energy. No focus. No clear plan. No drive to do it. It just doesn’t feel like the right time to do it. And it has stayed that way for long enough time!

Every day comes and goes. All other stuff in the world seem to take your time away. You do get inspired from time to time, but then that fades away too, in a moment! You are either too exhausted or completely blank, to try anything! Sometimes it feels like you just do not have it in you to do it! You think of all reasons on why you cannot do it.

What to do now? What can be done? What the hell can be done?!

Train to choose

You can’t be great friends with anyone. You can’t have amazing relationships with everyone out there. There are some who are born for you! Same way, there are always ideas which you can build. Ideas suited for you to create and nourish and build!

How do you get to know which one fits you? The same way you try with anything else — by trying out. By trying out enough times that you know what kind of ideas are for you to build. There is always an idea for you. Believe in your capability to build things. It’s just human!

Incentives for the mind

Take inspiration from brilliant ideas. Read, and read a lot. Inspiration is viral. Few ideas can trigger your idea machine in ways others don't. And keep writing them. Create incentives for your mind to generate more ideas. Fill yourself with ideas and take your ideas seriously — write them, talk about them, even create a prototype of it! The more your brain sees that you are acting upon something, it creates a relationship and brings in more energy to the activity next time.

Activities you support are the activities brain is automatically tuned towards. You keep lazying around, you are in the same state. The moment you get up and jump into the pool, you are different person now, isn’t it? It does not take much time for your brain to move from one state to another. Just that you choose what that state should be. If you are not active in choosing, then you can’t complain when nothing works for you!

Energy is not outside of the ideas. It comes from ideas themselves!

Derive the energy and momentum from the idea.

Some ideas will send you on a crazy horse ride. Others will be more like a dull afternoon evening. Few will be like the wild bull to tame. The wildest ones bring huge energy and momentum along with it. You just have to go along!

A small and suitable place to start

Don’t announce grand intentions to save the world when all you have is an idea. Yes, these are the times of grand announcements and big dreams. But even Vatican was built brick by brick!

Identify a part of the idea that you have some experience in, where you can start some work on immediately. Often the first few steps will give you some information or other to take further more steps and you can go on from there. Energy comes in when you know what is the next step to be taken!

Show the carrot

You do not have to have the complete plan all in the beginning! Just be clear on what is your end goal, how it adds value to anyone, and what is the immediate next step. The moment you recognize that, you automatically feel that something is moving, bringing the energy in!

Strongest foot first!

Bring your core strengths to tackle the problem at the beginning. If you are good at writing or enjoy it, start writing about the problem. If you are a coder, build a prototype.

Yes, there are well defined and documented ways on how to go about any idea like you need to first validate requirements or what not. But even before you go there, start at a place that is comfortabe to you. Human beings are known for committing to something we spend more time on. The more time you spend, the better your chances of continuing and finishing it.

Where is your zone?

Certain activities in life can take you to the place where you feel confident, growing and open. There is always a pattern to your best state of mind. For example I am extremely creative when I read a lot. And then I apply it, come with newer ideas, write, think, actively. I eat good food. I take care of my health. I focus on value building. I will always have bunch load of things to try. I don’t worry about my place in the world, just focus on my progress. I could relate my best work and happiest states with these activities and mind set!

Identify such states, identify the activities and perform them actively. Associate your goal achievement and happiness with these activities. Make the association strong and you will automatically find yourself performing these religiously. For example believe and imagine that books will help you grow. Associate happy mind and health body. Your entire brain works on such relationships, so why not hack it for your own benefit?


Believe that the idea adds value — that you can add value to it — believe that its worth the time and energy

According to a study, anticipating pain is worse than feeling it! So stop worrying about what can go wrong, be daring and even brash when it comes to trying new things!

Don’t underestimate your capability to surprise and shock yourself by what you can do! Don’t kill yourself for things you haven’t done. Use your brain to help you and not the other way around. All you need is the right carrot for your brain horse to run faster!




Enabling mind conversations that matter at Tech enabled extended cognition .

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Harry Ven

Harry Ven

Enabling mind conversations that matter at Tech enabled extended cognition .

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