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  1. Creativity is removing the foundation of your building one brick at a time even while you are residing in it
  2. Creativity is the attempt to fly when you can’t even walk
  3. Creativity is looking back at the future and looking forward to the past
  4. Creativity is watching your telephone conversations
Source: Newyorker

Whenever I act it feels like there are two people inside me.

One who reads the local news. I call him, Joey the local guy.

The other one reads books on history. I call him, Dr Stewart, the professor.

Joey knows what's happening around, knows what’s important to me, and…

Every time I get stuck with a problem or feel anxious or don’t have any energy to act, I am clueless as to what is happening. I keep asking myself — Is it me or the world?

Sometimes I wish there was a “psychological mirror” to reflect how I am…

“My client keeps saying that he wants to change. But he keeps going back to his old routines. Why the self-sabotaging?”

Therapists often see this problem — they find a person really motivated to change their lives but are not willing to change.

Often we misconstrue our “wants” with our…

Harry Ven

Enabling conversations that matter at https://www.konvos.me. Emotionally driven human entrepreneur.

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